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I started taking pictures in my early years. Black & white, with crooked edges, developed in a makeshift home-based darkroom, brief moments in time, my little treasures…I spent 15 years of my adult life in a research lab photographing tiny molecules in living cells. Very fascinating but often tedious and lonely job. I spent every free moment outdoors with camera in my hands. The-Magic-Of-Light Photography was born. The Light and The Moment captivated me and moved my photography to the next level. It took a very frustrating science project and becoming a mother to finally pursue my passion full-time. It was the boldest yet the most liberating and rewarding decision I have ever made. The Light and The Moment keep inspiring me every singe day.



My favorite photography style is natural, spontaneous, candid, romantic. I love capturing true emotions (yes, also beyond that perfect smile!) and unique moments in time. When put together, my pictures tell the story of your special day or special time in your life. Photojournalistic approach will also help you relax and help me to get to know you. That way, we can achieve a natural look even during posed segments of our time together. Having extensive experience in landscape & nature photography, I take full advantage of nature’s colors, backgrounds & textures to create artistic portraits.



If it wasn’t for people like you who uncover their life’s precious moments in front of my camera lens, I would not be able to do this. Thanks for stopping by!